When You Get to the End of Your (Writing) Rope!: Story Garden 2022

2022 Story Garden Conference Presentation


I had a great time at the Story Garden Literacy Conference sponsored by Middle GA RESA and West GA RESA! I enjoyed the keynote speakers, especially Shanda McCloskey who was a new-to-me Georgia author. I appreciate the great group who attended my session "When You Come to the End of Your (Writing) Rope." My session was a discussion of the book, The Writing Rope by Joan Sedita. This book takes a close look at the strands that are woven together to produce skilled writing much in the same way that Scarborough's work uses the Reading Rope to describe skilled reading. I took the instructional principles and shared ideas from my classroom. I called these "Rope Tricks," and I hope that you found my ideas helpful. I am posting the pdf of my Nearpod presentation and the Writing Resource Hub that I put together. I hope that you found the ideas in presentation helpful!